Bubble Genius

Bubble Genius 1.2.2

An eye-catching update on the classic bubble shooting game

Little ones and big kids alike will love Bubble Genius, an eye-catching update on the classic bubble shooting game. Players join inventor Penny as she tracks down her missing bubble generator that's been stolen by nemesis, the evil Vee.

Players help Penny use her ingenious inventions to help defend locals from her villainous nemesis and a constant onslaught of bubble attacks, with unique gameplay and innovative levels to help set players a new challenge, even if they're familiar to the world of bubble shooters.

This dynamic bubble shooter from Outplay Entertainment Ltd is free to download and play. Perfect for when you're looking to unwind and vent some steam, this game offers players a busy game board, filled with unique power-ups, bonuses and high-point breakers. Shoot hovering bubbles as they fall ever closer to the bottom of the screen, or wipe out entire clusters with devastating combination attacks. You've got to be quick on your feet and incredibly quick-witted to save the day and hit the high score in this bubble shooter.

In Bubble Genius, it's not just about clearing the board of bubbles. Players must be careful attention to what's going on onscreen at any moment, with special falling symbols and power-up bonuses to collect.

The most successful players can amount multiple winning streaks to unlock special rewards, granting Penny with even more incredible inventions to help keep the enemy at bay. Keep an eye out for any needy natives needing help - saving the day nets you even more points.

Offering hours of enjoyment, Bubble Genius is packed with complex levels, with tiered rounds and big boss fights to put even the most proficient of players to the test. Use the skills you've learned during previous levels to unleash catastrophic combinations against the enemy, or build up first-class arsenal of inventions to help Penny defeat the dastardly Vee, once and for all.

Prefer to play with friends? Invite friends and family to join you online and see who fares best against the bubbles. Enjoy new content and fresh challenge every day, with constant updates, improvements and extra levels to discover.

Bubble Genius


Bubble Genius 1.2.2

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